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Elevating businesses with innovative IT solutions for over 4 years. From software development to website design, Mindpace drives your digital success. Partner with us and transform your digital landscape.
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“Pioneering the Future of IT, Redefining Possibilities.”

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We Bringing New IT Business Solutions And Ideas

Mindpace ignites innovation with fresh IT solutions and groundbreaking ideas, transforming businesses for the digital age. Our dynamic approach and cutting-edge expertise redefine what’s possible in the IT landscape.
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Web Development

We specialize in website development, crafting tailored solutions for your online presence. With our expertise, we empower businesses to engage audiences effectively and achieve their digital goals with confidence.

Systems Development

We specialize in custom systems development, crafting solutions to streamline your operations. With our expertise, we empower organizations to innovate and thrive in the digital landscape.

Application Development

We excel in cross-platform application development, creating versatile solutions for seamless user experiences. Our expertise empowers businesses to reach wider efficiently.

Data Structuring

We offer expert data structuring services, organizing information for optimal accessibility and efficiency. With our tailored solutions, businesses can harness the power of structured data to drive informed decision-making and enhance operational performance.

Data Security

We provide comprehensive data security solutions, safeguarding your valuable information from threats. With our expertise, businesses can ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of their data, fostering trust and compliance in today's digital landscape.

Cloud Computing

We specialize in cloud computing solutions, harnessing the power of scalable and secure cloud platforms. With our expertise, businesses can leverage cloud technology to optimize operations, increase flexibility, and drive innovation in the digital era.

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Our Projects

Project We Have Done

Explore our portfolio of successful projects, showcasing our expertise and commitment to delivering outstanding results

Oceanug Mobile Apps

Dive into the world of online shopping with OceanUG Ecommerce App. Combining intuitive navigation and secure transactions, it offers a seamless shopping experience for customers and a robust platform for businesses to thrive.


GoSales CRM

Our flagship project, GoSales CRM, represents the pinnacle of customer relationship management solutions. Seamlessly integrating app and web interfaces, GoSales empowers businesses to streamline their sales processes and foster stronger client connections.

Website Development

Encore IT Services is your gateway to unparalleled IT solutions. With its sleek design and comprehensive service offerings, it exemplifies our commitment to providing cutting-edge technology solutions for businesses of all sizes.

Clients Feedback

Our Clients Reviews

Discover what our satisfied clients have to say about their experiences working with us.

Mindpace has been instrumental in transforming our IT infrastructure. Their team's expertise and dedication have enabled us to streamline our operations and improve productivity. Their proactive approach to problem-solving ensures that our systems run smoothly without any hiccups. I highly recommend Mindpace to any organization seeking reliable IT services in Uganda.

    Sarah K

    IT Manager at Fairtecx

    We've been partnering with Mindpace for several years now, and their professionalism and technical proficiency continue to impress us. They've helped us navigate through various IT challenges, from network security enhancements to software integration projects. Their team is always responsive and goes above and beyond to meet our needs. Mindpace is truly a trusted partner for our IT needs in Uganda.

      David M

      CEO of kitmz Corporation

      As a small business owner, I understand the importance of having a reliable IT support system. Mindpace has been our go-to IT services provider for years, and they have never disappointed. Their proactive monitoring and maintenance ensure that our systems remain secure and efficient. Their knowledgeable team is always available to assist us with any IT issues, big or small. I can't imagine running my business without the support of Mindpace.

        Jane W

        Owner of Latte Cafe

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